Pace calculator for running events - experimental (v1.30)

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This calculator is used to calculated suggested paces for running events. It takes into account the elevation of each split, delay at the start due to congestion, and fade due to the runner getting tired towards the end.

These calculations create a " best-guess" calculation without detailed knowledge of a particular race (eg windy routes, gravil roads etc), hence the calculator is not intended to be used to replace a hand-crafted chart.

This is just a guide, you are responsible for running your own race, and you are responsible for your own pacing!

If you would like me to add your own race I'm happy to, but please provide me with the elevation profiles in meters. You can use the below feedback form to do so.

If you are in Cape Town, you can usually get excellent handcrafted pacecharts for the main races here.
For comments and suggestion, please contact me.

Split data

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Race {{paceChart.distance}}k - {{paceChart.raceName}}, {{paceChartInstance.fade}}% fade
Time {{paceChartInstance.plannedRaceTime}} Start Delay {{paceChart.startDelay}}
Moving pace {{paceChartInstance.averageMovingPace | formatTime}} Avg. Pace {{paceChartInstance.averageEndToEndPace | formatTime}}
Distance Split time Split pace Elapsed Elev.
{{split.totalDistance}} {{split.finalTime | formatTime}} {{split.finalPace | formatTime}} {{split.finalElapsedTime}} {{split.elevation}}